The Importance of multi sport court design

Both Synthetic and wooden floor surfaces are widely used for multi sport court design in schools, colleges, and community sports centers. The synthetic sports flooring is available with a spread of bright color combinations, logos and markings to supply a powerful and alluring appearance of a sports facility.

However, frequent use of the sports surface flooring causes the accumulation of scuff marks and dirt on the surface from the shoes worn by the athletes. The accumulated dirt and scuff marks make the ground look dull, dirty, and wiped out, which necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance to retain its shine and safety.

Given below some recommendations on the way to clean and maintain the synthetic court flooring for long and repeated uses.

Daily maintenance do’s and don’ts:

• Check and take away sticky substances like tapes, chewing gum, etc. take care and delicate while scraping the surface.

• Use a microfiber dust mop, specially designed for indoor sports surface floorings, to wash the whole surface. Avoid using commercial mop heads because they leave residues on the ground. Make sure, you’re using the proper mopping surface meant for your surface-multi sport court design wooden or synthetic.

• Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners or full strength strippers. Use only the ground cleaner as suggested by the manufacturer to wash the surface.

You’ll use an auto-scrubber with the recommended multi sport court design

But never use the auto-scrubber on a wooden surface. If you’re using battery operated auto-scrubber charge the battery well before use to avoid acid leaks

• In buildings where air-conditioning isn’t available to use circulating or ventilating fans.

• to wash the ground before a crucial tournament or event, use clean spirit/thinner/ white vinegar, and mop the ground in one direction to regain the shine.

• Restrict using street shoes within the court. No leather shoes or sandals should be allowed on the flooring. Only sneakers with white soles should be allowed.

Maintenance tips for wooden floors

o Power sanding should be done every 2-3 years interval. It removes minor undulations, resulting from the repeated use and restoring coarseness needed for permanent grip. Also, it gains a fresh look.

o Use anti skid surface coating from time to time to reinforce foot-grip for the players.

o Damaged planks must get replaced immediately to retain healthy playing conditions.

o Scrape off the old paint near the badminton net poles and apply fresh paint. Give an overall fresh look to your court flooring with a periodic repaint of your existing net poles.

so it’s important to stay on the sports surface clean. This will be done using hand pads with an eco- friendly wooden floor cleaning liquid to get rid of dirty and rigid gum.

It is highly imperative to possess visible court line markings to assist players to take correct judgments during a fraction of a flash during the sport. The brilliant marking lines also improve the general look of the court.

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