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To look your best on your wedding day I have put together some of my top tips to help you be gorgeous. If you’re wearing a strapless dress for your wedding day make sure that you don’t end up with multiple tan line marks on your shoulders, another is to watch for tan lines on your wrist from your watch. Cover your shoulders with a thin shirt at all times or wear a tube top.

Have some facials. Makeup looks much better on hydrated and nourished skin. Good skincare gives the makeup artist a great blank canvas to work on.

Enhance your eyes on the day by adding a few semi permanent lashes to the outer corner of the eyes. Always patch test the glue first 24 hours before using it on the eyes if they’re sensitive.

It’s not just you at the bridal party.

Encourage everyone Inland Empire Bridal Hair to take care of their skin so that the photos are amazing, that includes your Mum too!

If your back is on show, have a back facial or two. A smooth flawless back is great for photos of the back of your dress.

Try to get into a routine of regularly exfoliating and moisturising your face and body

Inland Empire Bridal Hair Exfoliate weekly and moisturise daily!

Get your hair in tip top condition by using conditioning treatments or having them at the salon once a fortnight.

Don’t do anything drastic to your hair in the run up to the wedding day. Don’t change the colour too much, don’t change the cut and style just before your big day. The same goes for the bridesmaids too.

If you’re having your hair up on the wedding day, wash it the night before. Hair that has conditioner in it becomes very slippery and this causes the pins to slide out of the hair. Some natural hair oil will keep the updo in place.

For brides with finer tresses, use clips in human hair extensions to add volume to your updo and choose a stylist that can work with extensions.

Make sure you have a trial run with your chosen make up artist and hair stylist. If you’re not happy at the trial you won’t be happy on your wedding day.

Take some pictures along with you for the trial with ideas for the makeup artist/stylist to see. It’s a good idea to have swatches of your colour scheme. Also take your veil if you’re having one and any hair accessories including the tiara.

With these tips it’ll be a day that you will never forget. Most of all smile and enjoy the wedding day. It’s a very important day in your life. The groom and all your friends and family will notice how glowing you look. Enjoy your wedding day!

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